The Longest Journey Is From Head to Heart

My classmates and I have been studying the relationship between God and the Israelites in the old testament (inside and out) and i have come to the conclusion that the longest journey is from head to heart.
Wrestling !

This is a picture of three buff hooligans (me and my brothers Tony and Eric) after a wrestling tournament in the early 2000’s. I can remember whether I won my wrestling match or not I would run straight to my dad. As I got older I started to turn to other things for comfort when I didn’t know what to do.

The Israelites (as seen above) were the chosen nation of the almighty creator, and yet as they grew as a nation and times got hard they turned to their own strength and false idols. I’ve been thinking about how easy it is to know all about God (In your head) and never let that information affect your heart and actions. I can sometimes treat God like a child that I let drive the car of my life only until it starts to snow or I’m in a hurry and then he takes a back seat. I thought about how Israel did the same thing to God and after a while they gave up letting him drive at all.

The amazing difference between God and the idols that the Israelites and I used to turn to is that God desires a heart relationship with us! When we trust in that relationship we know in our heart’s that we aren’t pursuing comfort, the comforter is pursuing us!

By chriscolangelo Posted in YWAM