Immeasurable and Undeserved

The “love of God” may be an obvious theme in the new testament considering what Jesus came to do, but I’ve come to the end of my intense study of the Old Testament and it’s become abundantly clear the it was love all along.

Whether God was rescuing an entire nation.

Or just one man…

Lions den

He is always there in immeasurable and undeserved love!

Ever since we were torn from our Father in the garden, He has been working endlessly to restore His children back to Him. From the promise He made to Abraham to the Law He gave to Moses. Through kings, tyrants, and even through exile He has always been in eternal pursuit of you and me! Not to give away the ending but after nearly 1600 years of relentless attempts of recreation God sends His son to die for us.

By chriscolangelo Posted in YWAM