A Matter of Perspective (Part 1)

How do you define wisdom? If you only had 5 minutes to describe to your child how to live a lifestyle of wise decisions, where would you start? Would you talk about getting a good education, or would you encourage them to seize the day whatever the cost? Would you tell them to love others, or would you start with trying to explain that you only live once and that to get ahead sometimes you need to make difficult decisions? My motivation to answer this question was brought about by my decision to staff and teach in an incredibly difficult, yet infinitely rewarding, Bible School for missionaries located in Tijuana, Mexico. (Talk about wise decisions!)  The first book that I’ve been privileged to teach is Proverbs which is why I’ve been wrestling with this idea of true wisdom.

I started this process by backing as far away from the topic as I could get to help me see the whole picture, as you would if you were standing at the base of an enormous mountain. But what I realized is that wisdom is a matter of perspective not distance. Just think for a second about the lens in which we view things. The further you get from a mountain the more you’ll be able to see where as the further you get from a window the less you’ll be able to see. Our frame of reference, or perspective, changes everything.