Discipline & Discipleship

This semester is starting to look like one of the busiest but most exciting seasons for the Colangelo crew. (Why do I feel like half of these updates start with that line?) Anyway, I have been working more and more on coordinating the Global Missions Conference for our Church which will take place next month. I would say that preparing for this conference has been one of the greatest learning experiences of my time at seminary. It’s a lot of work but I have been able to practically apply a lot of the things I have been leaning in the classroom. Blaire is loving her classes on educational ministry and the Old Testament as well. She was also invited to lead worship for our school’s chapel on top of leading a small group and working part-time!


Did I mention she ran a half-marathon last weekend and climbed two of the most advanced mountain trails in Acadia, National Park?!




My favorite class so far is about what it looks like to actually live out the Christian life. I am learning that God desires all Christians to live shoulder to shoulder with others. This requires us to be vulnerable and honest with people and when it’s done intentionally the Bible calls it discipleship. My professor pointed out that most of the time Jesus is just inviting people to come and join what he’s already doing. It has been incredibly helpful to know that as future ministry workers, and current Christians, we don’t have to be perfect or have all the answers. We just have to love people enough to extend the invitation.

Prayer Requests:
1.) That Blaire and I would have wisdom to say “yes” and “no” to the right opportunities.
2.) That Chris’ resume would end up in the right hands! 🙂

Praise Reports:
1.) We survived the half-marathon!
2.) God continues to remind us that what Jesus did on the cross is so much bigger than our brokenness and actually enters into our brokenness to bring healing.
3.) Blaire and I have felt very fortunate in our new roles as the Resident Life Coordinators for our building.


Our Favorite Quotes Right Now…

Jerry Seinfeld to Telemarketer; “Hello… Oh gee, I can’t talk right now, why don’t you give me your home number and I’ll call you later… Oh, you can’t do that? Yeah, I guess you probably don’t want people calling you at home… well, now you know how I feel.”
– Seinfeld, Season 4, Ep. 3

“No Hard Feelings
Lord knows they haven’t done
Much good for anyone
Kept me afraid and cold
With so much to have and hold
Under the curving sky
I’m finally learning why
It matters for me and you
To say it and mean it too
For life and its loveliness
And all of its ugliness
Good as it’s been to me
I have no enemies
I have no enemies”
– The Avett Brother, No Hard Feelings

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