Practicing the Presence

The students are coming! The students are coming! Growing up we never thought we’d be excited for another year of school but when your teaching God’s Word and about His amazing love its hard not to get excited! As we dive into our second year of staffing the CSBS (Chronological School of Biblical Studies) we are thankful for all that God has done to get us here! This past weekend we had a conference put on by our organization YWAM (Youth With a Mission) San Diego/ Baja to get us ready for this udownloadp coming year.

Our speaker Maureen, a YWAMer from South Africa came to share her heart. She taught out of 2nd Corinthians 3 and brought up the subject of how the Old Covenant with Moses and the New Covenant with Jesus are very different. She spoke about how many christians today still relate to God with an Old Covenant mindset. She explained that Moses could be separated from God because Jesus hadn’t come yet. The presence of God had to come to Moses but the presence of God did not dwell in him.

We learned that the New Covenant with Jesus shows that now with the help of the Holy Spirit God’s amazing presence dwells in us at all times. Not just when we’re in worship or prayer but all the time. His presence is in us wether we’re singing, stealing, or doing the dishes . All WE have to do is recognize this reality in any moment and enjoy. We are an adopted son and daughter in this amazing family called the trinity.
This year we want to live out this encouraging and incredible word that CommunionMaureen gave. We both want to practice the presence of the God in our everyday ordinary life. Allowing Christ in us to pour out more of who He is to each other and those around us! Thankfully He is kindness, compassion, forgiveness, humility, gentleness and goodness!



We also took communion on the happiest day of our lives… God is good!

From This Day Forward

From this day forward is a serious thing to say. A commitment like that requires a little more than trust and affection for another person. It requires faith. I’ve never met anyone like Blaire who completely amazes me and amazingly completes me all at the same time. She is hands down my bestfriend, beyond beautiful, and my better judgment but the glue that hold our hearts together is so much stronger than anything this world has to offer. Jesus is the third strand that makes tying the knot effortless and eternal. We got married young and quite literally penniless but because our hope is in Him, the road ahead will always bright and better together.

The road ahead

 Just in case you missed the big day let me just tell you the Peviani’s sure know how to throw a party in style. By God’s grace and the work of my new and amazing in-laws, the wedding was provided for and planned to perfection! Shout out to the maid-of-honor (Brittany McGuirk) for making everything so stunning, the Best man (Tony Colangelo) for an… unforgettable speech, and my family for driving all the way from Pennsylvania!Full wedding photo

The honeymoon was breathtaking! Costa Rican jungle overlooking the ocean! But as usual its the glory of God that triumphs over everything! As divine as Costa Rica was eventually we had to leave. Unfortunately I booked our flights out of San Jose California (not San Jose Costa Rica)…! We had no money or cell phone service! So we prayed and sent an email to Blaire’s mom. She contacted the airline and even prayed with the woman on the phone from the airline (a believer too). I originally payed 250$ for both flights when the flights should have been 1400$ all together. When we all was said and done they changed our flight for nothing but taxes (90$) the total came to 350$ for 1400$ tickets!!! Glory to God!

CR Family CR Water

Pennsylvania! And to the ends of the earth!

Blaire and I have had a busy and exciting past couple months!

PA 2

We were able to fly out and visit my family in Pennsylvania.

The weather outside was…  weather!

And Blaire got to build her first snowman!… luckily for the frostbitten residents of Pennsylvania he melted shortly after.



We also got to do some exploring!

But you know what… this picture might be from last year…?

Either way it was fun times in Pennsylvania!


 When we returned to the base in Mexico we were blessed to teach in the Bible school we staff at.

Blaire taught the gospel of Luke and I taught the book of Acts (as seen above)!

…now that I think about it, that picture was from last year.


A Lesson in Destruction


A little while ago I taught the book of Nahum. This minor prophet is only 3 chapters long but it’s message is pretty huge. To make a long story short Nahum writes a “proclamation of doom” to Nineveh, which is the capital city of Assyria, the world power at the time. 

Not only is he declaring God’s judgment on the most powerful nation in the world but he is also speaking from a nation that is an ally with Assyria. Judah is small and a vassal of Assyria at the time of Nahum’s prophecy. 

This makes Nahum’s message “politically incorrect” from every point of view… except from God’s perspective. 

God's hand

I think Nahum understood God’s sovereignty. 

He knew that what God was calling him say to might be dangerous and difficult. He knew that God’s message might offend some people, that he might lose his friends and even his life. 

The challenge of Nahum isn’t new but it’s definitely challenging.

God’s truth doesn’t stay quiet in fear of offending someone but I know that sometimes I do. 

I don’t think Nineveh was the only thing that was destroyed by this message.

I can only imagine how Nahum’s “normal life” would’ve been put at risk for God’s message. 

A Holiday of Lights

The lights of Christmas






Blarie even got to meet Santa Claus!

Unfortunately he came as soon as I stepped outside:)…

maybe i’ll meet him next year!






We got to see the lights of Disneyland for Blaire’s Birthday!

…and most importantly I offered something shiny to the one who brightens up my life…

Lights Proposaland she said yes!!! 

A Matter of Perspective (Part 2)

I was privileged to teach for the first time in the School of Biblical studies on the book of Proverbs. These are a few pictures and selected sections from that teaching.

Proverbs Teaching

Teaching the Book of Proverbs

Teaching ProverbsAt the start of teaching Proverbs I was faced with the challenge to define true wisdom. After one of the most difficult paths i’ve ever gone down I found the answer to be painfully simple.

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

At the end of the day if we humble ourselves and simply accept that we see through a limited scope of reality and admit our need for God, we take the first step into true wisdom.

Teaching the Bible in Mexico


Year in Pictures 2013-2014

The past year has been monumental in so many ways. With all the exciting things that’ve been happening I thought I would display the past year in a river of pictures!
CSBS in class
This time last year I suited up to climb a mountain. I knowingly entered into a School of Biblical Study were reading each book at least 5 times was just the tip of the iceberg! What I didn’t know was that God had something a little extra planned…
Blaire and I
Going into the school one of my favorite bible verses was Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” His perfect will? I’ve always questioned if that even existed in such a fallen world let alone what it would look like. Until I met Blaire Noel Peviani.
We fell in love and ran in a 5k color run!... We didn't win.
We fell in love and ran in a 5k color run!… We didn’t win.
After an amazing summer at Pine Springs Camp
Cross country
I set out with Blaire and our friend Louisa to drive CROSS-COUNTRY!




… and our car blew up in the middle of Utah.




The Staff
When we finally got to Mexico we joined the staff of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) San Diego/Baja! Can you find where I am?




The 2014 Class
Throughout the next nine months I’ll have the opportunity to teach God’s word and encourage others in their faith. We have 15 Students and 7 Staff who’ve dedicated the next 9 months to understanding the depths of who God is by studying His word!




A Matter of Perspective (Part 1)

How do you define wisdom? If you only had 5 minutes to describe to your child how to live a lifestyle of wise decisions, where would you start? Would you talk about getting a good education, or would you encourage them to seize the day whatever the cost? Would you tell them to love others, or would you start with trying to explain that you only live once and that to get ahead sometimes you need to make difficult decisions? My motivation to answer this question was brought about by my decision to staff and teach in an incredibly difficult, yet infinitely rewarding, Bible School for missionaries located in Tijuana, Mexico. (Talk about wise decisions!)  The first book that I’ve been privileged to teach is Proverbs which is why I’ve been wrestling with this idea of true wisdom.

I started this process by backing as far away from the topic as I could get to help me see the whole picture, as you would if you were standing at the base of an enormous mountain. But what I realized is that wisdom is a matter of perspective not distance. Just think for a second about the lens in which we view things. The further you get from a mountain the more you’ll be able to see where as the further you get from a window the less you’ll be able to see. Our frame of reference, or perspective, changes everything.

There’s No Place Like Home

“Homes of Hope” is one of the biggest ministries at the base and it’s one of the most amazing things that God is doing here in Mexico. 

Build 6

Build 1

I was honored to work side by side with this young man as we built him and his family a brand new home! 

In just 2 days this family of 5 received a roof over their heads that doesn’t leak and a floor under their feet. God is our provider. He provides us with hope when our situation looks hopeless and He provides a roof when the rain is coming down. This hope is unseen to the natural eye but then again so is He. When you’re in a hopeless situation turn your eyes to the God of the impossible you just might see it!

Finished house

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Immeasurable and Undeserved

The “love of God” may be an obvious theme in the new testament considering what Jesus came to do, but I’ve come to the end of my intense study of the Old Testament and it’s become abundantly clear the it was love all along.

Whether God was rescuing an entire nation.

Or just one man…

Lions den

He is always there in immeasurable and undeserved love!

Ever since we were torn from our Father in the garden, He has been working endlessly to restore His children back to Him. From the promise He made to Abraham to the Law He gave to Moses. Through kings, tyrants, and even through exile He has always been in eternal pursuit of you and me! Not to give away the ending but after nearly 1600 years of relentless attempts of recreation God sends His son to die for us.

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